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Welcome to Endless Fury! First off if you are here looking at the website there is a good chance that you are looking for a guild. Well your in luck, because Endless Fury is recruiting applicants for our 25 man raid spots. Now if you're not one of the classes that we are recruiting that is fine. We are always taking exceptional applicants.

For more info Email me at .
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Cho Gal Killed

Voloauras, Mar 24, 11 11:39 PM.

Cho'Gall has been slain!

The Guild Site REVAMPED!

Sorcier1, Mar 23, 11 11:55 PM.
So today I (Sorcier) put alot of time, dedication, and care into this guild website and gave us a shiny new look. I have custom made the banner, backgrounds, buttons, boxes, and most everything else in photoshop. I also took the liberty of getting a Guildportal addon and merged it with the live information in WoW. So our guild bank/roster/many other things are easily viewable on site (I will maintain updating it). Anyways I hope the new website is easily explored and I hope you all love the new changes.

I am open for any suggestions / problems you might encounter. Post them in this thread:

Anyways I will see you all around WoW and too our new members, WELCOME TO ENDLESS FURY!



Voloauras, Mar 20, 11 3:19 AM.
Hey guys This is Voloaura checking in with everyone , wow what can i say Endless Fury has really kicked it off in 10 and 25 man . We are currently 9/12 in 10 man and 8/12 in 25 man . Our most recent kill was Chimaeron, with pictures coming soon.
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